'Ekti Khuner Sondhane Mitin' shooting commences, How Much Preparation Did Actress Koel Mallick Take?

Renowned actress Koel Mallick has immersed herself in a flurry of activities in Tollywood lately. Barely taking a breather, she has seamlessly transitioned from one project to another, leaving no room for rest. Following the wrap-up of her recent film "Sonar Kellay Jawker Dhan," Koel has wasted no time and jumped right into shooting for the latest installment of the Mitin Mashi series.

Last year saw the release of "Jongole Mitin Mashi" during Puja season, and now, within just six months, a fresh narrative unfolds with "Ekti Khunir Sondhane Mitin."

Typically known to space out her film commitments, Koel has decided otherwise this time. Reports had suggested a tight schedule post-completion of her February film shoot, but due to date conflicts, she couldn't afford any breaks between the two Mitin Mashi projects.


Portraying the character of Mitin Mashi for the second time holds no apprehension for the actress. She has promptly initiated filming, indicating her confidence in slipping back into the role effortlessly. Despite her familiarity with the character, Koel ensures she is fully prepared and not willing to disappoint her audience. With meticulous attention to her diet and regular gym sessions, Koel is gearing up for what seems like an action-packed portrayal of Mitin.

While the director of the previous Mitin Mashi installment expressed satisfaction with Koel's performance, this time there are slight alterations in Mitin's demeanor. The character's frames will showcase a bolder side, complemented by edgier styling choices.

For Koel Mallick, portraying Mitin Mashi is akin to embodying a dream character. She firmly believes that Mitin represents the triumph of women at the end of the day, resonating with every Bengali household. The clamour for her portrayal of Mitin on social media extends beyond just female fans, with male admirers equally invested in her character's husband, Parth. According to Koel, without Partha, Mitin Mashi's husband, Mitin would never have had the same fervour in her fights, leaving her endeavours incomplete.

The ensemble cast for this film includes seasoned actors such as Saheb Chatterjee, Konineeca Banerjee, Gaurav Chakrabarty, Madhumita Basak, Roshni Bhattacharya, Anashua Majumdar, Debraj Roy, Dulal Lahiri, Sandip Dey, and Shataf Figar. Currently, director Arindam Sil is orchestrating the shoot across various locations in Kolkata. Anticipation is high as the film gears up for a release in the latter half of the coming year.

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