East-West Metro Gearing up to Start Service

The East-West Kolkata metro station has been under construction for quite a long time to help ease the rising traffic in city. The metro work started a few years back and now finally it has been slated to start its journey. The East-West metro is reported to start its due services from next month.

The services provided by the metro will start from next month, beginning at 7:00 a.m. in the morning and the last trains from either side to depart at 9:40p.m. Added with that metros will be on track as frequent as every 20 mins and halt in each station for 20 secs. The services will be available in 6 stations, Sector V, Karunamoyee, City Centre, Central Park, Bengal Chemical and Salt Lake Stadium; covering up to 5km stretch between Sector V and Salt Lake Stadium. 45 trains will run through these stations in its 15-hour service and 90 trains from both ends in a day, while the North-South lines ply up to 284 trains in a day on weekdays. The fare structure of the 5km stretch has been decided to 5rs for a stretch of travelling 2km and above that it will be charged 10rs for the rest of the distance. The trains are said to be bound by the real-time arrival on each metro station board of the East-West Metro services.

These schedules will be looked into and will be modified according to the uses by passengers after its service are made available for public. After studying the statistics of passengers using the metro for a month, trains could be added and the 20-minute gap could be reduced at peak hours as well. 40,000 commuters are expected to use the stretch once the trains start rolling out in the next month.

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