Durga Puja Shooting In The Set Of ‘Raktabeej’, Artistic Director Nasifa Khatoon Becomes The Creator!

In anticipation of Durga Puja, the 'Raktabeej film shoot is gearing up to be an extraordinary spectacle. The team behind this movie shared exclusive insights into their journey. With strict adherence to protocols, the cast and crew have embraced the spirit of Pujo, even celebrating an unexpected ‘Akal Pujo’ in their unique style. But there's still much more to come.

Raktabeej shooting location

A series of stunning Durga idols have been meticulously crafted for various scenes. These creations were guided by the artistic direction of Nasifa Khatoon, an integral part of Windows Productions.


Nandita and Shibprasad, the talented duo, have yet again communicated a different message through their film. Behind every picture they paint, there lies a fascinating story.

The 'Raktabeej' film's shooting was initially scheduled for a different time, but fate had other plans. When the calendar aligned with the start of Basanti Pujo, the team decided it was an auspicious sign. The chemistry between Nandita and Shibprasad is a force to be reckoned with, even on screen.

Under the able leadership of director Aritra Mukhopadhyay, meticulous planning has been executed. The sculptor in Kalighat has moulded the Devi idol, and the shooting commenced at Panchla's Dasbadi. As the idol graces the set, the ambiance is electrifying. Whatever Devi holds in her hand is bound to be significant.

The grand Durga dalan and mandap are decked out. It feels like Maa Durga has arrived ahead of schedule.

Interestingly, during these five days, nobody set foot in the high-voltage electrical area within the premises, minimising the risk of any mishap. The Pujo preparations left no stone unturned.

Directorial instructions were clear: no garlands on the deity, only Atap rice for offerings, three priests present, and meticulous planning for the five-day extravaganza.

In their opinion, 'Raktabeej' delivers a beautiful message through cinema. The entire team asserts that they've created something truly exceptional.

Windows Productions' unwavering commitment also touched the hearts of the locals in Das Bari. Originally, the plan was to have one conch shell player, but a sudden change of heart led to two. The 'Raktabeej' team brought the conch shells to Ginni Ma's Pujo house. Lamps, kashor ghonta, or whatever was needed—they provided it all.

The entire ‘Raktabeej’ team has crafted a captivating film, one that will resonate with the audience, making them feel as if an extraordinary Akalbodhan has indeed occurred.

Artistic director Nasifa Khatoon has supervised the creation of the Devi idol daily, lending a helping hand wherever needed. Whether or not Nandita and Shibprasad believe in superstitions, one thing is clear: they've delivered a masterpiece.

The commitment of Windows Productions has left an indelible mark on the hearts of the people inside Das Bari and beyond. They've shown that when Pujo preparations are in full swing, nothing is left to chance. The entire ‘Raktabeej’ team, in their own words, has crafted a beautiful and enchanting film.

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