Dr. Shiuli Mukherjee's fight for motherhood

DrShiuli Mukherjee is resident of Bally in Kolkata, a gynaecologist and a single mother!

When she was in medical college everyone told her to get married right after graduation but the marriage was that one thing she never wanted to do!

Since childhood she wanted to be a mother, she told sources that as she got older she became angrier that she could not be one if she’s not with someone.

She finally took sperm from a sperm bank and got herself pregnant after discussing the matter with her parents. The birth of her son, whom she named ‘Ronn’ was the greatest achievement of her life but things soon got bitter as she could not get his birth certificate without the father’s name.

She took the matter to Supreme Court and their decision was in her favor, Kolkata Municipal Corporation honored the affidavit and they provided her with the birth certificate without the father’s name.

Since then Dr. Shiuli Mukherjee is working on raising raise awareness about 'single motherhood' in West Bengal. She has given many women the opportunity to be a mother, who want to give birth to a child without marriage.

She believes that motherhood is our right and any women who want to be one should not be stopped for any reason.

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