Don’t Let Your Socks Suck

Socks are one of the most neglected clothing materials , we just throw in whatever we have. Socks can be said to be the first line of defence for a healthy pair of feet. There are socks for every special activity, initially it might be a hectic task for you but that will help you maintain a good hygiene in the long run. The type of socks that you must own in your closet

1.For athletic purposes moisture soaking socks are very important especially for those who are into gym and sports activities. Athletic or multisport socks have sole cushioning and are specially designed for cross-training.

2.Lightweight casual socks made of fabrics such as merino wool, vibrant colours and patterns are for your casual outings. 

3.For hiking it is advisable to use thinner socks that provides a good fit and cushioning to the feet. 

4.Thick and padded socks are the most ideal for cold and rugged conditions. These are meant for mountaineering. 

5.Waterproof breathable socks for the rainy season, for surfers and paddlers. This as the name suggests will protect your feet from the cold and dirty water.

The cotton socks are highly recommended as they absorb sweat and is really suitable for non-active uses. Cotton socks are easy to wash and dry off easily as well. While you are out shopping invest a little time in socks and to make things easier .

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