Dogs, our new diabetic control system

We all know that humans and dogs share a special bond and dogs are known to have a positive impact on us. Therapy dogs are quite famous these days, they help people to cope with various ailments such as depression. They visit hospitals, schools and rehabilitation centers. Lately, researchers at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom found that alert dogs will help the patients suffering from Type 1 diabetes. They can avoid hypoglycaemic episodes and hyperglycaemia. Hypoglycaemic episodes are when blood sugar levels drop drastically which can lead to unconsciousness and even death if not checked in time.

These dogs are trained by Medical Detection Dogs. They are trained to respond with alerting behavior when the blood sugar level of their owners falls below the range, and the patients can take appropriate action within time. the effectiveness of the entire process is directly proportional to the dog’s relationship with its owner. One thing that needs to be kept in mind; the dogs must be trained professionally by experts.

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