Do You Know Why Tollywood Actress Swastika Dutta Not Returning To Television?

Renowned Tollywood actress Swastika Dutta seems to be focusing more on big-screen ventures and web series lately, leaving her fans curious about her absence from television serials. Despite her popularity on the small screen, her recent projects have primarily been in mainstream cinema and digital series.

In the midst of shooting for the upcoming film "Alaap," Swastika finds herself occupied with commitments in the realm of mainstream cinema and web series, sidelining her presence in television dramas. Addressing speculations about her return to television, Swastika expressed her stance on selecting projects, emphasising that she refrains from actively seeking out roles in either cinema or serials. She believes in letting opportunities come her way, without actively pursuing them, citing restrictions imposed by production houses and channels as deterrents to her decision-making process.

Swastika further elaborated on the scarcity of actresses in the Bengali industry who seamlessly transition between big and small screens, positioning herself as one of the few capable of doing so. She emphasised the importance of maintaining a dynamic presence in front of the audience, acknowledging their evolving preferences.

Reflecting on her absence from the popular serials “Ki Kore Bolbo Tomai” and "Tomar Khola Hawa," which aired on Zee Bangla last year, Swastika revealed that she took a hiatus from television projects to focus on her film and web series commitments. Despite her ongoing projects, fans eagerly anticipate her return to television.

While Swastika Dutta's hiatus from television serials may leave her fans yearning for more, her strategic approach to project selection reflects her commitment to quality work across different mediums. As she continues to balance her presence in mainstream cinema and digital platforms, audiences await her return to the small screen with anticipation, hoping for more memorable performances in the future.

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