Dissociative Identity Disorder is about Survival

Many of us are not aware of the different types of mental problems that people face in their lives. Rather we don’t acknowledge the problems and tag these people as ‘mad’. This article is about a very serious mental problem which is called Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) or previously called Multiple Personality Disorder.

DID’ is a mental disorder where two or more personalities are seen in a person rather a living body. It means in a human body multiple personalities are seen which are very different from the host personality. This mostly happens due to severe trauma during someone’s childhood and as a coping mechanism and based on certain violent memories which the host personality keeps hidden from his or her conscious self, different personalities emerge.


They share the same body but are unaware of the others existence mostly. The characters that come to light are not always pleasant and some are quite violent to others or to the host body. People generally face problems like they end up in different places, hurting others or themselves and no memory of it happening to them.

There is no cure for this disorder but diagnosis such as psychotherapy or clinical evaluation by a psychologist or psychiatrist can help one have a better life. Some people stay in denial when they are made aware of the problem which makes the case worse. Accepting the other characters and co-existing has been helpful as of yet.

Most people with DID live in the shadows as they think of themselves as weak and not normal and this has led to their survival very difficult. In the early ages people mostly acknowledged the problem as demonic activity or possessions but with time people around the world has educated and has accepted the people suffering from DID.


The Alters (other characters) mostly emerge and take control of the body when the host character becomes helpless in certain situations which are somewhat similar to situations in their childhood.

People reported saying having a headache and hearing voices in their head and then suddenly they feel like sinking in the water and then no memory of what happened during switching of characters.

Many people around us live with this disorder and some live their lives quite normally while some are still struggling. It is our duty to make these people feel comfortable in the society and accept each of the characters.

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