Dirty truth behind packaged drinking water

Packaged drinking water is something health and hygiene conscious people consume while travelling or even in restaurants. Now what if we say that the safety of the packaged drinking water is nothing more than a mere placebo effect in quite a few cases?

Thanks to Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) along with Kolkata Police Enforcement Branch who have turned their eyes to this issue and have started checking on factories producing packaged drinking water without license!

The Kolkata Municipal Corporation team has taken strict action against these producers with the help of the Kolkata Police Enforcement Branch. Several shops and manufacturing units have been raided jointly by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation and the Kolkata Police Enforcement Branch who produce such illegal packaged drinking water in and around the city. 23 packaged drinking water manufacturing units have been discovered within the Kolkata Municipal Corporation jurisdiction functioning without a valid license.

Now an even bigger operation has been planned by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation and the Kolkata Police Enforcement Branch where they shall seal such manufacturing units who run and produce these packaged drinking water illegally.

Hon’ble Mayor Shri Shovon Chatterjee has collaborated with Rajeev Kumar, Commissioner of Police in Kolkata and jointly they have planned to take measures against the units producing fake packaged drinking water. The factories which produce such fake packaged drinking water are to be sealed as soon as possible so that these unauthorized producers do not get to distribute these illegal packaged drinking water anymore in the local market or shops.

Hopefully very soon we may again be able to drink packaged drinking water with a sigh of relief.

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