Dance in tune with the Spiritual World

Any form of art brings people closer be it cinema, song or dance and dedicating one day to any form of art is not justified but then again, they help us cope with our life 365 days a year then why not commemorate an entire day to them. In reference to that context, 29th April is celebrated as ‘International Dance Day’. A day “to increase the public profile of dancing as an art form.”

Dance is a form of art that frees you and helps you express yourself. There numerous dance forms around the globe, even there are some places that have their very own dance forms. For example, in West Bengal’s Purulia district we have ‘Chhou Dance’, Assam’s ‘Bihu’, Rajasthan’s ‘Ghoomar’ and many more.

The International Dance Day was started in 1982 by the International Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute. The date 29th April was not picked randomly though, it is actually the birth anniversary of Jean Georges Noverre, who is known as the creator of the modern ballet. Dance eliminates all barriers and brings close different people belonging to different cultures. The International Theatre Institute is the main partner of performing arts of UNESCO.

The theme for this year’s International Dance Day is “Dance and Spirituality”. It is believed and experienced sometimes when people dance they transcend to a spiritual world. On this day a chosen speaker delivers the message of International Dance Council around the world. So, on this International Dance Day freely express yourself and connect with the world spiritually through dance.   

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