Cure Insomnia without medicine

So, what is insomnia? Many have wrong idea that insomnia is caused due to lack of sleep. It can be caused due to plenty of reasons such as poor diet, stress and depressions and anger. Also, the more usage of smartphones creates a wall to get desired amount of sleep. Not getting required amount of sleep or getting poor quality of sleep can lead to some serious problems. So, presenting some simple DIYs to fight from insomnia. The wizardry of essential oils- Essential oils are used for variety of purposes. Lavender oil helps to calm your mind and body and assemble to sleep. It can be sprayed under the pillow and bedsheets so that fragrance helps to sleep properly.


Wash up bedsheets regularly- Washing the beds regularly can lead to good sleep and the fresh smell and the fluppy pillows can help to sleep better as the brain releases the sleep hormone-melatonin.


Sunshine for better sleep: Take a walk at the outdoors in morning to get sunshine and fresh air that will relax your mind and body. The chemical released by the brain will help to get rid of insomnia.


Skip foods that cause problem during sleep: The foods that contains sugar will make you stay awake all night. Avoid this kind of foods instead drink warm milk , herbal teas such as lemongrass and lavender for the betterment of sleep.


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