Collision At Kolkata Airport Runway Between IndiGo and Air India Planes, Damages Wingtips Of Both

In an unusual incident at Kolkata Airport on Wednesday morning, an Air India plane collided with an IndiGo aircraft on the runway. The collision resulted in minor damage to both aircraft, with a portion of the right wing of the Air India plane being damaged.

The incident occurred when two planes approached each other closely on the runway. The IndiGo aircraft was waiting for clearance to enter the runway while the Air India plane was taxiing for departure. Suddenly, the Air India plane veered and collided with the stationary IndiGo aircraft.

Fortunately, there were no reports of injuries among the passengers on board either aircraft. The Air India flight was bound for Chennai, while the IndiGo flight was heading to Dibrugarh. Among the passengers on the IndiGo flight were 135 individuals, including four children.


Following the incident, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has temporarily suspended the pilots of both aircraft and ordered an investigation into the matter. DGCA officials stated that both pilots have been relieved of their duties pending the investigation.

A spokesperson for the DGCA stated that a detailed inquiry has been initiated to ascertain the cause of the collision. Additionally, ground staff involved in the incident will also be questioned as part of the investigation.

Both airlines, IndiGo and Air India, have assured cooperation with the authorities during the investigation process. They have also emphasised their commitment to ensuring the safety and security of passengers at all times.

The collision, which occurred at 11:00 AM, caused a brief disruption at Kolkata Airport, but normal operations resumed shortly after. Airport authorities have reiterated their commitment to maintaining safety protocols to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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