CM Mamata Banerjee connects Bengal and Bihar

On Friday the Hon'ble Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee tried to connect the people of West Bengal and Bihar. She talked about the evil forces that are dividing people on the basis of religion and language.

While attending an event organized by the Rashtriya Bihari Samaj at Netaji Indoor Stadium in KolkataCM said,

Many Biharis are getting established in Bengal and many Bengalis are also getting placed in Bihar. People from both states are living peacefully. We do not believe in this thing called division. There are attempts to divide people and this thing is rising. We should start a revolution against this dangerous trend.

 The CM also stated that Bengal and Bihar have given birth to legends.

The CM mentioned,

We won’t allow people to destroy the bond that Bengal and Bihar share.

The chief minister praised the people of Bihar for their hard work.

The CM stated,

I am worried about the names of Bengalis as well as Biharis who were kept out from the NRC draft list.

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