'Cheeni' Serial Replaces Its Lead Actress, Revealed In The New Promo, Know In Details

In the realm of Bengali television serials, casting shake-ups is not uncommon. The latest transition unfolds in the beloved serial 'Cheeni', where a familiar face has made her exit, paving the way for a new lead actress.

Cheeni Bengali Serial

Initially headlined by Indrani Bhattacharya, known for her role in 'Khelna Bari' Googly, the show has now introduced Bijayalakshmi Chatterjee as its new lead. Chatterjee, a recognised figure in the television industry, has previously showcased her acting prowess in popular mega-serials like 'Sangsar Sukher Hoi Romonir Gune' and 'Ranu Pelo Lottery'.

Stepping into the shoes of the protagonist in 'Cheeni', Chatterjee is set to portray a pivotal character opposite Somraj Maity. Her arrival marks a significant shift in the series, bringing a fresh dynamic to the narrative.


This alteration follows a trend seen recently in another popular serial, 'Love Biye Aajkal', where Mounmita Sarkar was replaced by Trina Saha in the lead role of Shrabon.

A recent promo of 'Cheeni' teases the audience with glimpses of the casting change. In the promo, Bijayalakshmi Chatterjee is seen seated in Thakur's temple, singing, while Thammi expresses disapproval. Suddenly, Alaap arrives, questioning Thammi's objection, and tension escalates as Cheeni clenches her fists, seemingly ready to confront Drona.

Reports suggest that the decision for this alteration was prompted by TRP considerations, leading to the replacement of Indrani Bhattacharya with Bijayalakshmi Chatterjee. It remains to be seen how this change resonates with the audience and whether it proves to be a strategic move for TRP gains.

As viewers anticipate the unfolding drama, the television landscape braces for the impact of this casting transition in 'Cheeni'.

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