Changes In The Commencement Of The 2025 Madhyamik Examinations, Confirms State Education Council Board

The commencement date for the 2025 Madhyamik examinations in West Bengal has been rescheduled by the Council, altering the previously announced date. Just a few days ago, the State Education Minister, Bratya Basu, declared that the examinations would commence on February 14 next year.

However, the Council has now announced a shift in the examination schedule. Instead of February 14, the examinations will begin on February 12, 2025, and will run until February 24, 2025. The reason behind this sudden change in schedule stems from a public holiday in the state on February 18.


It's worth noting that February 14 is a public holiday in West Bengal, commemorating the birth anniversary of Panchanan Barma. And next year, on this day, Shab-e-Barat will also be celebrated.

This holiday prompted the Education Council to adjust the examination dates to avoid conflicts with school closures. With schools closed on February 14, it would have been impractical to start the exams on that day.

This adjustment brings clarity and ensures a smooth examination process for students across the state. 

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