Catch the best monster shakes in the city

Monster shakes are the recent ‘most’ tempting food items in the menu cards. These are shakes that are served in a huge manner, usually merging a variety of delicious ingredients and presented in a large quantity. Here are some places in Kolkata that serve some of the best monster shakes in the city.


Located at Elgin Road, Velvetiine has gained itself the reputation of serving delicious desserts. Their menu has
a wide range of cupcakes, personalized cakes and of course, monster shakesThey serve Monster shakes in various sizes and combinations that are both appealing to the eye and taste buds.


Scoop has four pages of its menu card dedicated to a large variety of monster shakes. In addition to having an amazing taste and served in large quantities, these have some unique and funny names like Arctic King, Big Boy, Golu Molu and Big Mama.

TGI Friday

TGI Friday has designed its monster shakes menu to fit in
perfectly with the main dishes, which makes the desire to indulge in them increase several folds. Donuts, ice cream, candies, chocolate sticks are their most favorite ingredients.

The Street

The monster shakes served at this diner cafe are not only
delicious but also visually stunning. Some of the most appetizing ones are Cotton Candy Berry Shake, Chocolate Insane shake and Salt Peanut Butter CookieGems, candies, brownies, cream, and chocolates are a regular addition.

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