Can Coffee’s Aroma help Crack your GMAT?

Hearing this can meddle your rationalism because it is simply unbelievable that the smell of coffee can help crack a competitive exam. According to the researches, this particular smell can help you perform better in the analytical portion of GMAT. It is highlighted that the latent force of the fragrance boosts the cognitive aspects that are required to come off with flying colours in the computer adaptive test.

"It's not just that the coffee-like scent helped people perform better on analytical tasks, which was already interesting. But they also thought they would do better," said Professor Adriana Madsharov from Stevens Institute of Technology, USA. Along with her team, she had demonstrated and conducted a few experiments to witness the improved performance of the candidates.

She added, "Olfaction is one of our most powerful senses. Employers, architects, building developers, retail space managers and others, can use subtle scents to help shape employees' or occupants' experience with their environment."

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