A place where only Love prevails

Last year the Supreme Court passed a revolutionary judgment by decriminalizing Article 377. That was a huge step, but then what? Our daily life continued but for the LGBT community, a new fight started. There is no place as such for the LGBT community to hang out without being judged. A place where they can be themselves. Ultimately a café for the LGBT community opened up in Kolkata. And now in the month of June which is celebrated as the gay pride month, another café is coming soon.

The new café that is coming up soon in the city of joy is “Café #377”.

The name itself utters the entire story. The place is open to all; where no one will have to hide. A place of hangout where people are free to eat, drink and love freely without any judgment. Their Facebook page says, “A queer café for the fabulous misfits, after all, closets are for clothes, not people, coming real soon!!

The café promises to offer a comfortable environment for the LGBT community as any other café in the city. The game-changing decision by the Supreme Court in 2018 received a mixed reaction. The orthodox frowned upon it and the liberals welcomed it with open arms. But things are changing may be slowly but surely.  Change is necessary and it is inevitable. Café #377 is another example of progress and the fact that society is changing. People need not hide anymore they can be whoever wants to be. Here at Café #377 leave behind your doubts and fears at the door.


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