BSF team to visit Kolkata for election preparations

A team of Border Security Force (BSF) is all prepared to visit Kolkata for preliminary election preparations. The BSF team will visit places in Kolkata to identify ‘vulnerable’ places and its surrounding areas. Election will take place in Kolkata (North and South) on May 19, along with some other areas including Jadavpur, Dum Dum, Barasat and Diamond Harbour. This team of Border Security Force will be under direct supervision of the Election Commission, and the team will be led by a commandant. The team will consist of 120 BSF personnel from Bengal’s border with Bangladesh. It will visit places in Kolkata to draw a clear perception on the condition of those areas and determine if it would require heavy protection during the elections. The team will get information of places from local police stations and also get their own intelligence during their rounds. This team will classify booths as sensitive or super sensitive based on gathered information of the history of violence or vulnerability of voters. A senior police officer said,

Having a team of a central security force make rounds much ahead of the polls is a confidence-building measure. The mapping of the vulnerable zones and the intelligence inputs would come in handy when more forces would be deployed.

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