Brace yourself for a summer de-tan!

Summer season is already here and so are the ultraviolet rays of the sun. The main problem in this season is to face the suntan that makes us look a shade darker than we already are. None of us like the tan lines on our bare skin during peak summers. But there are some easy solutions to protect our skin from the tan lines. Homemade masks are the best solutions. Let us see some of the masks, which can be made by the fruits and vegetables available in every household.

Sweet honey and gooey papaya: Mix a cup of mashed papaya and a tablespoon of honey. Apply the mask on the tanned zones of your skin.


Yoghurt and Tomato: This combination of yoghurt and tomato extract can rid you of tanned skin easily.


Cabbage: Place cabbage leaves on the tanned areas for 20 minutes.


To say ‘No’ to the tan lines you just have to follow these easy steps. Let brace your skin this summer!

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