Boom Barriers on Kolkata streets

It is, in fact, a long time planning to get the boom barriers function in the streets of the city of Joy. The four boom barriers that are already installed in Exide crossing has started functioning since today morning, under the austere command of civic volunteers and 20 police personnel.

According to the Police department, it is not possible to run the boom barriers without sufficient manpower. This initiative is unequivocally for the safekeeping of the common people. The barriers had been mounted, yet people preferred to slip through the gaps and gate railings in the absence of the cops.

According to a senior officer from Lalbazar, this is a good sweat from their end as the arms of the boom barriers will stop the haphazard jaywalking of the pedestrians. There will be separate timers, which will show the time left for the pedestrians to cross the roads safely.

On the whole, the boom barriers will be 700m long and that is enough to seal the trespassing of the pedestrians. The walkers should be encouraged to abide by the rules and cross the road through boom barriers.

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