Blaze Engulfs Cargo Truck On Farraka Bridge, Creating Morning Commuter Chaos

Early Wednesday morning brought alarming scenes on the Farraka Bridge as a cargo truck erupted in a sudden and destructive blaze. Reports indicate the incident occurred near Gate 48 of Farraka Barrage, originating from a cargo truck travelling from North Bengal.

Witnesses described the truck as engulfed in flames, emitting billows of smoke, creating a chaotic scene. Law enforcement swiftly responded, with a significant police presence and multiple fire engines, including units from central agencies, deployed to contain the inferno.

The incident led to widespread disruption in commuter traffic from North to South Bengal, impacting road connectivity and adjacent railway services. However, authorities reassure the public that railway operations on the downline remain unaffected.

According to police sources, the fire erupted near Gate 48 of Farraka Barrage as the cargo-laden truck from North Bengal caught fire. Teams from the Farraka Bridge construction project rushed to the scene, but the intensity of the blaze exacerbated the situation.

A passenger travelling from Kolkata to Siliguri, stranded on the bridge, recounted how the unfolding disaster halted their journey. The abrupt suspension of traffic on Farraka Barrage due to the blaze inconvenienced countless commuters.

Meanwhile, officials overseeing the situation assured that the fire had been brought under control. Efforts are underway to swiftly remove the truck from the bridge and restore normalcy to traffic flow. They express optimism that the situation will soon be rectified.

As the investigation continues into the cause of the blaze, commuters and authorities alike remain vigilant, hoping for a prompt resolution to the disruption caused by this unforeseen incident.

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