Best kinds of coffee to be tried out in Kolkata

In today’s stressful day-to-day routine, a cup of coffee at the right time always brightens the mood. However, poorly prepared coffee can turn out to be disastrously uneffective. Here are some of the best kinds of coffee you can get accustomed to.

  • Cold brew made with Blue Tokai coffee beans and Kyoto-style drip

This coffee is light and has a beer-like flavour that enhances energy levels instantly and makes your day more productive. Also, you can consume as many cups you need to have, because the Kyoto-drip cuts down on the acidic factor.

  • Cortado

An elite Spanish coffee, Cordato will be soon on the top of your favourites list once you take a sip. It is prepared with equal portions of espresso and steamed milk and very similar to the renowed Italian macchiato.

  • Americano

One of the most popular and loved by all coffee nerds, this dark full-bodied coffee is prepared and brewed by mixing with the correct proportion of hot water. It is one of the best companions when it comes to completing deadlines when you are extremely sleepy.

  • Cold Vietnamese coffee

Vietnamese coffee is famous because of its sweet flavour. It takes a lot of time and patience to be prepared, and only the perfect proportions of filter coffee, condensed milk and ice gives the refreshing product.

  • Filter coffee

The good old and strong filter coffee is always ready to help you survive through a hectic day. Quite easy to make, it is originally from South India and hits your nervous system and satisfactorily refreshes you.

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