Bengal's Chief Minister Participated In 'Didi No. 1'! How Did She Spent A Fun-filled Afternoon?

Renowned Bengali actress Rachna Banerjee, known for her work in both the Bengali and Oriya entertainment industries, has been actively involved in various projects. While she graces both big and small screens, she recently took on the role of 'Didi' in the reality game show "Didi No. 1" on Zee Bangla for several years. Adding a unique twist to the show, this time Bengal's Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee, stepped in as a participant.

Last Wednesday, on February 21st, the special episode of "Didi No. 1" was shot at the Dumurjala Stadium in Howrah. Mamata Banerjee arrived punctually at noon and spent nearly two hours and a half participating in the shoot. Amid tight security, the entire area was cordoned off for the shoot.


After the shoot concluded, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee shared her experience, expressing her delight in participating in the popular television show. While she didn't compete as a contestant, sources reveal she attended as a special guest alongside participants Dona Ganguly, Arundhati Holme Chowdhury, and Sreeradha Banerjee.

Additionally, it's been hinted that this special episode might coincide with International Women's Day, adding significance to the occasion.

However, amidst the shooting frenzy, how did everyone on set enjoy their time together?

Sources from the industry reveal that prior to the shoot, Mamata Banerjee clarified that she wouldn't be participating in any physical activities. However, at the request of the host, she did make an exception to perform some dances and recitations. In this episode, 'Rolling Rotis' game segment was led by Dona, Arundhati, and Sreeradha, with Sourav Ganguly's wife, Dona Ganguly, emerging victorious.

Furthermore, it's been reported that Mamata Banerjee shared anecdotes from her childhood to present-day life, advocating for various women-centric initiatives in the state. Additionally, she painted a picture of Palash Flowers and even sang a song during the shoot.

As for the winner of this special episode of "Didi No. 1," that remains a mystery, keeping viewers eagerly awaiting the telecast of this unique episode.

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