Bengalis and Stereotypes

Bengalis are one of the most funny, food-loving, intellectual people. Bengalis have always been enthusiastic about sports but quite ironically have a persistent bhuri. Certain stereotypes to which only Bengalis can relate:


  • Boroline is the greatest invention ever.

There’s not a single Bengali household on the face of the earth without a tube of Boroline. Whether it is a cut, or a fracture, a sprain or a burn, the first recommendation is obviously Boroline. It is the cure for anything and everything for Bengalis.

  • Oh! That smell is going to kill me!

Let’s talk about the dreaded yet appetizing Shutki maach. One of those rare dishes whose smell torments your soul to it’s very core but is regarded as a delicacy by many. Irrespective of what the product is, room fresheners definitely come to the rescue when the neighbouring flat is engrossed in preparing this dish.

  • Poetry in the soul.

Bengalis are great poets. Rhyming starts with biscoot-tiscoot and ends at chaa-taa. Needless to say, possessing such great rhyming skills definitely increases their tendency towards poetry.

  • Veg Biriyani is a big no.

A recent study conducted by the National Family Health Survey ranked Kolkata lowest in the list of vegetarian cities in India, with only four percent of the population being vegetarians. Honest Bengalis don’t have any place for veg biriyanis or veg momos in their menus.

  • Lyaadh

This is the Bengali day-to-day word that refers to procrastination. It is an extraordinary force that compels a Bengali kid to choose lazing over studying for a coming exam. The perfect excuse to say the least.

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