Bengal Global Business Summit 2023: Kolkata Transforms For International Economic Conclave

The Bengal Global Business Summit 2023 is set to kick off tomorrow in Kolkata, spanning across the city, from Rajarhat Salt Lake to different areas like New Town. The streets, once a canvas for wartime efforts, have undergone a vibrant transformation, adorned with new colours and artistic flair. As guests arrive, some will find themselves in the heart of Rajarhat Newtown, while others will head to various five-star hotels in South Kolkata.

A new pavement block, characterised by intricately designed railings and a blue-white colour scheme, welcomes visitors. Flowering plants beneath flyovers catch the eye, complementing the LED-lit streetlights. The entire Tilottoma area has been meticulously adorned, reflecting Bengal's progress and success through strategically placed hoardings and banners.


These displays not only showcase the state's investment in school education but also highlight the economic growth rate in West Bengal. Hoardings depict the advancements in small and medium industries, illustrating the state's developmental statistics. The Laxmi Bhandar project emphasises how women's empowerment has played a crucial role in the state's progress.

In recent years, successful projects across different regions have been highlighted with hoardings and banners stretching from Rajarhat Newtown to various areas. Tomorrow's main event, the inauguration ceremony of the Bengal Global Business Summit, will take place at the Bengal Convention Centre, where the imposing statue of Mother Durga welcomes guests.

From renowned artists to dignitaries, guests will be captivated by the sight of Ma Durga's statue as they enter the convention center. Success stories of various developmental projects will be vividly displayed through multiple hoardings and banners, not only at the convention centre but also at the Dhano Dhanye auditorium in Alipore, where the closing ceremony will be held.

Additionally, significant discussions will take place at the Science City Lagowa Biswa Bangla Mela Prangan. The preparations culminate with the inauguration of two new mini-auditoriums alongside an annex building by the Chief Minister. Starting early in the morning, industrialists, both national and international, will converge, marking the beginning of the summit.

The Bengal Global Business Summit 2023 promises not only economic discussions and partnerships but also a visual feast showcasing Bengal's journey of development and success.

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