Bengal gets Recognition at Dubai International Film Market with Rongberonger Korhi

Dubai International Film Market (Festival) gives Rongberonger Korhi the space to get screened. Director Ranjan Ghosh’s 3rd Bengali directorial is fortunate to get noticed at the International platform, as well opens a doorway for the Bengal film industry.

The 14th Dubai International Film Festival is to be held in December from 6th-13th 2017. This is an excellent opportunity for the entire Bengal film fraternity to reach out. A gateway for the film to be screened at 14th DIFF gives a heavy boost. International distributors, sales agents, broadcasters shall mark the presence. The entire cast and crew are super excited with such outset. Bengal being the cultural hub gets the perfect invitation for itelf with Rongberonger Korhi (Eng. Colours of Money). The film is surely to gather accolades and woo the Dubai audience. 

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