5 curable diseases by Rose Petals

In this season of love, all we are doing is buying rose and offering it to our beloved one. But do we actually have the idea what rose petals can do to us? It can act as a treatment to five diseases that are hardly believable. Recent survey has thought out the benefits of Rose petals and doctors accepted the fact too.

Rose petals can reduce weight. If you are thinking of losing weight then try having rose petals. The petals have such ingredients in it that improves the metabolism rate and the chemical composition of the body.

If you are tired of taking care of the pimples on your face, then here is your medicine. Pour some water into the rose petals, add some “multani” clay and make a smooth paste of it. Apply it on the affected area or on the entire face. This will give you additional glow very soon.

You can also make a paste of rose petals and apply it all over your body to keep your skin glowing and soft.

Rose petals give a soothing effect to our mind and body. Put some rose petals in the luke warm water and take bath. This will also help you enhance your mental strong suit.

Rose petals also enhance the sexual impulse. According to survey rose petals give mental pleasure to us. And finally the urge to have more intimacy will grow inevitably.

Sreya Basu


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