Basant Utsav Celebrated At Visva Bharati Without Colours, Locals Became Displeased

Visva Bharati University broke tradition once again, as this year's Basant Utsav didn't quite live up to its colourful past. While the campus was adorned with festivities, including music, dance, and cultural events, the traditional splashes of color were notably absent.

Instead of the customary revelry with vibrant powders, participants engaged in floral dances to mark the occasion. This departure from the norm left many locals disappointed, as they felt excluded from the festivities.

Despite being a popular event drawing tourists and locals alike, Basant Utsav has faced setbacks since 2021, with the university administration discontinuing the festivities. Even after the tenure of former Vice-Chancellor Bidyut Chakraborty ended, there has been no reversal of this decision.

The university administration justifies this move by citing UNESCO's recognition of Visva Bharati's heritage status, claiming that large gatherings for Basant Utsav are not feasible. However, locals argue that excluding them from the celebration goes against the inclusive ethos promoted by Rabindranath Tagore, the university's founder.

Former residents, including ashramites, reminisce about Tagore's inclusive vision, where everyone, not just students and faculty, participated in campus events. They lament the loss of this tradition, which they believe has been eroded over time.

Despite UNESCO's recognition, the university administration's decision to sideline traditional celebrations in favour of new formats has sparked controversy and alienated many community members.

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