Bangladeshi Actress Nusraat Faria Hospitalised Suddenly: Concerns Raised Over Her Health

Renowned Bangladeshi actress Nusraat Faria has been admitted to a private hospital in Dhaka due to a sudden deterioration in her health. The news surfaced from one of her assistants, prompting concerns among fans and the entertainment industry alike.

Known for her dedication to fitness, Faria has always been conscious of her well-being, maintaining a regular exercise regimen. However, her sudden lapse into unconsciousness at her residence on Thursday night has raised questions about the underlying cause.

While Faria's exact condition remains undisclosed, medical professionals are closely monitoring her and conducting necessary examinations. A photograph circulating on social media depicts her lying on a hospital bed with closed eyes and a saline drip attached.


In a statement to a local media outlet, Faria's mother, Ferdousi Parveen, revealed that the actress had been under considerable work-related stress in recent days, coupled with irregular eating habits. Additionally, she had been experiencing gastric issues.

Faria's fans, both in Bangladesh and beyond, have flooded social media with well-wishes for her speedy recovery, reflecting the widespread concern for the beloved actress.

Aside from her work in Bangladeshi cinema, Faria has also made notable appearances in Tollywood and has starred in films such as 'Aashiqui', 'Boss 2', and 'Bibaho Obhijaan'. Recently, she portrayed the role of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in the critically acclaimed biopic 'Mujib: Ekti Jaatir Rupokar'.

As Faria remains under medical observation, the entire entertainment fraternity awaits updates on her health, hoping for her swift return to wellness.

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