Back to the year 1972

Director and actor Jammy Banerjee bring forth a new concept to the audience. His movie ‘18 te 72’ delivers a fresh plot, new storyline and deserve to be heard. 

Speaking about the storyline, it revolves around Special Branch Crime Officer Adrish Bardhan. He starts to have recurring dreams where draws him back to the year 1972 with glimpses of bizarre events. Year 1972 was infamous known as the Naxalite Movement (more specifically Armed Student Rebellion). Question remains why these specific dreams chasing Adrish on a constant basis? Is he losing his mind or office work stressing his mind or is there is a larger truth that is waiting behind the curtain for the moment of reveal?

Jammy crafted an awe inspiring goose bump filled thriller, which is ready to release in this summer. ’18 te72’ is an independent film and the film was shot in the real location. An interesting nook about the movie is its locations. “We have searched and found out very symbolic and difficult to get locations to shoot the various scenes,” says the director jammy.

Apart from Jammy Banerjee, Kaustav Ghosh, Suma Dey, Gourab Chakroborty, Shamik Bose, Sourabh Bhattacharjee and many more.

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