Avinash’s life is in danger, but why?

The launch of Barun Chandra’s novel ‘Murder in the Monastery’ took place at South City Mall outlet. The story of this book revolves around a detective Avinash Roy, who arrives at a hill station to enjoy his holiday at a secluded Buddhist monastery. He felt this trip will be a perfect remedy to his hectic life. And the surprising factor is, it does.

The crisp mountain air and long walks through isolated valleys only rejuvenated his mind, it even made him fall in love with the place. But things changed when Roy face a strange request from the head Lama of the monastery as a valuable manuscript goes missing for the vaults of the monastery.

As soon as he accepted the request, Avinash soon realized that his life is in danger. Who stole it? Could Roy retrieve the treasure without anyone’s help? Barun Chandra’s novel ‘Murder in the Monastery’ will keep the readers guessing until the end of the book.

Speaking with the author, he stated, “This one will be a lazy afternoon read for the readers. If you love mystery, different shades and layers of thrills then I suggest go for this book and you will love it. An unputdownable read.”  

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