‘Asia's Best’ Turns 19: Titas Sadhu Gifts Herself a Historic Victory on Birthday

Four days ago, the crown of Asian excellence was placed atop a young athlete's head. Today, on September 29th, she celebrates her 19th birthday, and this achievement itself is the best gift she could have asked for. This time, the Asian Games' reigning champion, Bengal's daughter, Titas Sadhu, has gifted herself a remarkable milestone. Titas Sadhu, hailing from Chinsurah, is now the pride of the entire nation.

In the final cricket match at the Asian Games, they defeated Sri Lanka, etching their name in history by clinching the gold. One of the key contributors to this victory was Bengal's pace bowler, Titas Sadhu. She displayed a phenomenal performance against Sri Lanka, taking three wickets in just four overs and conceding a mere six runs. In addition, she managed to contribute with the bat by scoring runs in one over. Her three wickets shattered Sri Lanka's top order like a gust of wind.


On September 27th, the golden girl returned to her hometown, Chinsurah. At 10 AM, she arrived home on Chinsurah College Road. Her home is now filled with celebrations, though the details of her birthday plans remain a mystery.

This extraordinary talent has not gone unnoticed by cricket enthusiasts. The eminent cricketer, Jhulan Goswami, was awestruck by Titas's performance, saying, "Titas is incredibly talented, even more than I am."

Titas comes from a family of athletes, with her father being an athlete and her uncles involved in sports as well. She developed a passion for cricket at a young age and decided that cricket would be her future. The cricket field became her classroom, teaching her discipline and focus. Cricket became her life, gradually transforming her from a local ground to an international arena.


Titas is an ardent fan of Hardik Pandya, finding inspiration in his bowling skills. She often watches his old matches for motivation. On a different note, she has a liking for Bollywood actors Ayushmann Khurrana and Siddharth Malhotra.

Bengal's daughter Titas now aspires to secure a spot on the senior national cricket team. Everyone is eagerly awaiting the day she represents the national squad. As she embarks on the journey of a new year on her birthday, this is Titas's ultimate goal. She firmly believes that success will come; it's just a matter of time. Titas Sadhu, at 19, is poised to conquer even greater heights. Happy birthday, Titas! Your journey of triumph has only just begun.

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