Are robots set to replace surgeons in Kolkata soon!

West Bengal Government plans to set up robots to facilitate surgeries. The robots are expected to help the surgeons improve their operative skills. These would even be beneficial for the patients as the operations would be of minimum pain. An initial test was shown during a session in a workshop held by NRS Medical College and Hospital on Robotic Surgery on the 7th February 2018. This system is presently being used in Kidwai Memorial Centre of oncology based in Bengaluru.


The robotic surgery includes a procedure where small tools are attached to a robotic arm controlled by the surgeons which also help get clearer images of the region being operated on. The man made robotic arm will be able to rotate 360 degrees thereby making the surgery easier and faster for the doctors and would also help them in solving complex surgeries in less time. The robotic arms will also help make minimally invasive surgeries easily accessible where miniature cuts will be performed as opposed to large incisions, resulting in surgeries being less painful and shall also leave minimum scars on the areas operated on. It will also speed up the process of recovery of the patients.


Even though it has a lot of advantages but the installation cost is huge. The cost for installation would be around 20-36 cr.


With the advent of this technology, it is clear that the robotic arms will replace human hands and thereby remove the limitations on surgery, but this surely leaves us wondering if such robots are made sentient with the help of artificial intelligence in the near future, would we require surgeons anymore?

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