Anupam Roy To Tie The Knot With Bengali Singer Prashmita Paul Soon, Know The Date

Renowned singer Anupam Roy is set to embark on a new chapter in his life this spring as he prepares to tie the knot for the third time amidst close family and friends on March 2nd. However, the twist lies in the identity of the bride-to-be.

After his previous marriage ended, Anupam is ready to take another shot at happiness. Speculations were rife about who would accompany him down the aisle this time, but recent reports confirm that it's none other than fellow Tollywood singer Prashmita Paul, who has captured his heart.

The couple plans to keep the ceremony relatively low-key, opting for an intimate gathering of family and close acquaintances. Despite rumours swirling around their relationship, Anupam has confirmed the authenticity of their union, expressing optimism and excitement about this new chapter in his life.


Anupam and Prashmita share not only a personal bond but also a professional one, having collaborated on various projects in the past, including the popular song "Tomay Niye Golpo Hok," which garnered widespread acclaim.

While details about the wedding guests remain scarce, Anupam prefers to keep certain aspects of his personal life private, expressing displeasure at the intrusive nature of media speculation.

This marriage marks a fresh start for both Anupam and Prashmita, who previously parted ways with their respective partners. Their journey from friendship to love is reminiscent of a Bollywood romance, culminating in a decision to spend their lives together.

Anupam's previous marriage to Piya Chakraborty ended in 2021 after six years of companionship. However, both parties have since moved on, with Piya tying the knot with actor Parambrata Chattopadhyay last November.

As the couple embraces the vibrant hues of spring, Anupam Roy and Prashmita Paul are ready to embark on a new journey filled with love, music, and companionship.

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