Ami chiro-bidrohi Bir…Ami bishwa charae uthiyachi eka chiro-unnoto shir

Hon’ble state urban Development minister Firhad Hakim inaugurated a Digital Library on ‘Bidrohi Kobi’ Kazi Nazrul Islam in ‘Nazrul Tirtha’ at New Town, Rajarhat. This library has digitized the first prints of Nazrul’s books which had gone out of print earlier. On the other side of the building, there is a library of printed books on Nazrul. This library comes across as extremely helpful move for people conducting research on Kazi Nazrul Islam.

National Mission of Libraries (NML) and HIDCO gave the thumbs up for action in sector 1 for this library and work on this started earlier in 2017. It is the first digital library in the township. 

This digital library is the first of its kind in the city of Joy. ‘Nazul tirtha’ will now have Nazrul Islams manuscripts, his notation over songs, booklets, records of interviews along with the photos of his vinyl records. There will also be scripts of plays where Nazrul’s songs have been used, bundle of copies of Betar Jagat, magazines of All India Radio (AIR) along with the magazines which he worked for and edited. Nazrul Tirtha was initially set for the purpose of carrying out research on the poet. This move comes as a big step towards fruition of the same.

Kazi Nazrul Islam became famous as a poet by the tender age of twenty. Apart from being famous for his poetry, he was known for his compositions, songs and music lessons. Many of his songs revolved around opposing the British rule in India which is why he was better known as ‘Rebel Poet’ or bidrohi kobi.

A couple of lines from his song ‘Chol Chol Chol’ addressed towards the youth for protesting against the British rule in India still holds massive inspirational value: ‘নব নবীনের গাহিয়া গান…সজীব করিব মহাশশ্মান, আমরা দানিব নতুন প্রাণ…বাহুতে নবীন বল’।

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