Amazon Obhijan hits the theatres with Pomp

Svf has real guts to go beyond the 2013 release of “Chander pahar” based on the novel of Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay. Amazon Obhijan can be called a sequel to that but this is not based on any such historical novels. Though the director, Kamaleshwar Mukherjee retained the name of his protagonist Dev as Shankar. Svetlana Gulakova is portraying the character of Anna Florina and David James did justice to the character of Macro Florian, father of Anna.

From the very beginning Dev was instigated to take a tour to South America and get the feel of El Dorado by his foreigner friend Anna. As Anna’s father, Macro failed to succeed the Amazon expedition once, Anna wanted Shankar to assist him for the next time. El Dorado is known to all as the cryptic and shadowy land of gold. Shankar felt the urge to taste the impossible and set out for the voyage with Anna and his father. The graphics were shown in a much better way and the location seemed astonishing. One can only check out the movie to take a glimpse of the excellent location medley.

They all tried their best and traversed innumerable difficulties from the commencement of the movie. But the motive was clear and flawless from their end. The animation of the anacondas, butterfly jaguar, and black caimans were commendable. The presentation of the tribal people deserves special mention. The movie was well shot in different parts of Brazil including the underwater voyages of the two rivers Rio Solimoes and Rio Negro.

Dev as Shankar is probably the best preference in the Bengali film industry. He has undoubtedly amended himself from every perspective especially his acting skills. Accents could have been better yet people seemed to be absorbed more on Anna’s accents. Unpretentious looks and the perfect blend of her innocence and finely tuned acting skill has made her presence special and distinctive in the movie “Amazon Obhijan” As per the directorial aspect, this story is not based on any other novel. Therefore, the director could have given more thought on the aspect of storytelling. A few technical issues were off-putting, though negligible. Background Score by Debajyoti Mishra is awesome and cinematography is worth paying.

If you have planned to enjoy the Brazilian scenic beauty this weekend, then “Amazon Obhijan” is undeniably the best pick. Animation and graphics can just be another visual treat to you.

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