Affordable Healthcare: The Hospital with Two Rupee Treatment

In the city of Cooch Behar, a remarkable institution known as ‘Kabiraj Khana,’ or a government charity centre, continues to provide traditional Ayurvedic medical care to the local population. This establishment is dedicated to preparing medicinal remedies using various herbs and plants, offering a glimmer of hope for those in need. Notably, it is currently the sole government-run Kabiraj Khana in the entire Cooch Behar district.


Patients seeking medical assistance at Kabiraj Khana are greeted with an extraordinary proposition: a mere two rupees for consultation and the dispensation of medicines by the Kabiraj, a traditional Ayurvedic Kabiraj. Historically, this centre was under the stewardship of the royal family, but today, its operations are overseen by the ‘Debattar Trust Board’.

Biswadeep Mukherjee, Secretary of the Debattar Trust Board, revealed their commitment to improving the premises. He said to the media, "We are diligently working on renovating and cleaning Kabiraj Khana." He also said, "In the near future, the consultation fee may experience a slight increase but will not surpass 10 rupees. We will engage in discussions with district authorities on this matter."

Kabiraj Tuhin Sen Sharma, a kabiraj at the Kabiraj Khana, said to a media agency, “For just 2 rupees, patients can access treatment, a lifeline for many disadvantaged individuals.”

He also said, “Several patients have experienced relief after consuming the medicines provided here. They turn to us whenever health issues arise. Numerous individuals have triumphed over complex diseases through our treatments and are currently enjoying good health. This underscores the importance of placing trust in Ayurveda, as it is free from adverse reactions. While rural residents used to be the primary visitors, city residents now flock here in significant numbers.”

Beena Pal and Seema Das, long-time patients, shared their heartfelt experiences. They said, “Our lives have been transformed through treatment at Kabiraj Khana," they attested. "The medicines here have proved highly effective. After seeking treatment elsewhere without success, we turned to this institution as a last resort, and it did not disappoint. Today, we revel in perfect health thanks to the trust we placed in this place.”

Cooch Behar’s ‘Kabiraj Khana’, with its affordable care and remarkable success stories, remains a beacon of hope for the people of the city, fostering renewed faith in the healing powers of Ayurveda.

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