Actress Sohini Sarkar And Bangladeshi Actor Arifin Shuvoo Pair Up for Bangladeshi Web Series 'Lahu'!

In a thrilling venture into the realm of mystery and suspense, director Rahul Mukherjee is set to bring a new web series titled 'Lahu' to Bangladeshi audiences. The enigmatic series stars the talented Sohini Sarkar alongside popular Bangladeshi actor Arifin Shuvoo, promising an exciting collaboration in the world of entertainment.

Delving into the world of mystery-romance, 'Lahu' marks a unique venture for both Sohini Sarkar and Arifin Shuvoo. While Sohini has been a familiar face in Bengali series and films, Arifin, known for his romantic roles, adds a touch of intrigue to this latest project.

Directed by the acclaimed Rahul Mukherjee, known for his previous works like 'Kishmish' and 'Dilkhush,' 'Lahu' is not just another creation; it's a collaboration that transcends borders. The series finds its home on the Bangladeshi web platform, Chorki, distinguishing itself as a production outside the realms of Indian entertainment.

This marks the first collaboration between Sohini Sarkar and Arifin Shuvoo, who recently showcased their acting prowess in the film 'Mujib.' Rahul Mukherjee, steering the helm of the series, shared in an interview that 'Lahu' is a departure from the romantic genre he's known for, presenting a narrative that goes beyond love stories.

For Sohini Sarkar, 'Lahu' represents a unique storytelling opportunity, a departure from the conventional plots she has encountered in her extensive career. The actress expresses optimism about the project, anticipating that it will captivate audiences with its distinctive storyline.

Arifin Shuvoo, acknowledging his gratitude towards the creator, Rahul Mukherjee, is enthusiastic about exploring diverse roles. He sees 'Lahu' as a chance to break away from the typical romantic hero image and embrace a character that challenges his acting abilities.

However, the plot of 'Lahu' has intrigued and, in some cases, puzzled the audience. Rahul Mukherjee has hinted that this series is not just a tale of love; it unfolds as a compelling narrative that goes beyond the usual expectations. The director aims to bring something fresh and innovative to the audience, creating a story that resonates beyond the confines of typical romantic tales.

The shooting for 'Lahu' is set to commence on November 18, promising not only a captivating storyline but also a visual treat with shoots planned in various locations, including Kolkata and different scenic spots in Shillong. As the series unfolds, it holds the promise of being a gripping story filled with mystery, suspense, and a unique blend of emotions, making it a must-watch for Bengali audiences.

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