Actor Soham Chakraborty Unveils Deep Friendship Bonds With Dev Beyond The Camera

The much-anticipated trailer for the film 'Pradhan' has been unveiled, featuring a collaboration of esteemed actors. Directed by Atanu, this film marks the third venture after the acclaimed 'Tonic' and 'Projapoti'.

Notably, 'Pradhan' stars Dev and Soham Chakraborty, reuniting on screen after their previous appearance in Birsa Dasgupta's 'Subhu Tomari Jonyo'. In this cinematic journey, the duo plays the roles of Deepak Pradhan (Dev) and Bibek Roy (Soham), both portraying police officers. The narrative promises a unique exploration of friendship within the backdrop of their professional lives.


Contrary to the norm in the Tollywood industry, where on-screen friendships often stay confined to the script, Soham Chakraborty emphasizes that his bond with Dev extends far beyond the camera. According to Soham, their friendship is unique, transcending the conventional relationships seen in the industry. He asserts that their camaraderie goes beyond the surface, delving into an understanding of each other's thoughts, as showcased even during their late-night discussions after 11 p.m.

While Dev takes the lead in 'Pradhan,' Soham's character holds substantial importance, creating a balanced dynamic. Soham sheds light on the evolving preferences of Bengali cinema enthusiasts, expressing that contemporary audiences lean towards content-driven narratives. He believes that the era of solely star-studded films is waning, and audiences now appreciate substance over glamour.

Intriguingly, Soham shares insights into the changing landscape of Bengali cinema, emphasizing the diminishing significance of a star-driven market. He suggests that the focus is shifting towards compelling storytelling, indicating a positive shift in audience preferences.

Regarding his role in 'Pradhan,' Soham discloses that it's not about who takes the lead; every character contributes significantly to the storyline. In a refreshing departure from conventional narratives, 'Pradhan' promises a more nuanced approach to character development.

In a candid revelation, Dev expresses admiration for Soham's acting prowess, predicting that the audience will be captivated by his performance in 'Pradhan.' He applauds Soham's strength as an actor and suggests that the film will showcase a different side of him, resonating with viewers.

As the Bengali film industry witnesses a transformation in audience tastes, 'Pradhan' stands as a testament to this shift. With Dev and Soham at the helm, their off-screen camaraderie adds an extra layer of authenticity to the on-screen narrative, making this film a promising and unique cinematic experience for audiences.

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