Actor Jeet Madnani is now becomes a proud parent of his second child!

The Madnani family is in high spirits today as they kick off a joyous celebration with the arrival of a new member. Actor Jeet Madnani, already a father to a daughter, is now a proud parent to a baby boy.

In a heartwarming message, Gopal Madnani, Jeet's cousin, expressed their family's happiness: "Mother and the newborn are both doing well. We can't wait to hold the little one. They will spend a few more days in a private hospital and then return home."

He further shared that everyone is curious about what the baby looks like, as there's no hint regarding whose features the new-born has inherited.

Jeet has been actively engaging with his fans and well-wishers on social media, sharing the joy of the family's new addition. Previously, he had revealed the news of his wife Mohana's second pregnancy, posting a picture of her with a prominent baby bump, humorously remarking that they couldn't resist revealing this exciting news to the world.

Welcoming a new child is a significant moment, and the actor beautifully expressed his emotions: "With gatitude in our hearts, we announce the arrival of our little boy into this beautiful world. Keep us in your prayers."

The post quickly went viral, spreading the family's happiness far and wide.

This heartwarming news brings joy not only to the Madnani family but also to their countless fans and admirers, who eagerly await more glimpses of the new addition. Congratulations pour in from all corners as the superstar embraces parenthood once again.

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