Actor Adrit Roy Transforms Into A Singer For Upcoming Bengali TV Serial 'Kon Gopone Mon Bheseche'

In an exciting twist, actor Adrit Roy is set to showcase his musical talents in the new Bengali television serial ‘Kon Gopone Mon Bheseche’, airing on Zee Bangla. Known for his role as ‘Ucchebabu’ in the popular serial ‘Mithai’, Adrit will step into the shoes of a singer in this latest venture.

The storyline revolves around the character played by actor Uday Pratap Singh, who portrays Kinjal, Aniket's brother, in 'Kon Gopone Mon Bheseche'. The plot unfolds with the celebration of a special occasion at Aniket's house. Adding a musical touch, the song sung by Kinjal in the serial


Beyond his acting prowess, Adrit is recognised for his excellent singing skills. He not only has a personal band for his original compositions but has also lent his voice to the 'Mithai' serial. The camaraderie between Adrit and Uday is evident, as they recently shared a glimpse of the musical scene on social media, highlighting the deep friendship formed on the set of 'Mithai'.

Adrit first shared the news on Facebook, and Uday, captivated by Adrit's message, reposted it with a caption expressing admiration.

Uday wrote, "There’s a reason why people like you and your work so much Baba. We often discussed what a rare opportunity it is to lip sync your own songs for a show..recording them late into the night and lip syncing the very next day..I have seen it all..very few get that opportunity and have the skills..most importantly. But for me the biggest high would be to sit on a couch..sip some coffee and see your work reach different platforms and shows. It must have felt great I’m sure. Well Done Baba. And for our lovely audience."

This heartfelt exchange resonated with fans, showcasing the genuine bond between the two actors.

Recently embarking on a new journey with co-star Srijla Guha in a different project, Adrit has hinted at a significant role on the big screen. While details about his upcoming film projects remain undisclosed, fans are eagerly anticipating Adrit's return to the silver screen.

Despite maintaining a low profile on social media, Adrit's active participation in promoting 'Kon Gopone Mon Bheseche' and sharing snippets of his musical venture has sparked enthusiasm among his followers. While the actor has yet to reveal more about his acting endeavours, his musical performances continue to captivate and delight his audience, promising a unique entertainment experience in the upcoming serial.

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