Acid: Can that be good for health?

Have you ever come across skin trends that enlighten you about why we need to use certain acids to get our skin glowing? Well the answer might be NO. Reading the headline and sub-head of this article, you might wonder why any kind of “acid” would be any good to your skin.

Here's a list of the 4 most beneficial acids that you need to acquaint yourself with:

1. Hyaluronic acid

Not all acids are bad and they won't make your skin peel. Speaking about Hyaluronic acid, it will moisturise and won't let your skin pore breakdown. This acid is present naturally in our bodies but our ability to manufacture it decreases over time and leads to dull and dry skin.

2. Citric acid

This one is common for you and you might have already used it as a home remedies. Fruits like oranges, lemons and sweet lime etc. contain citric acid and they are healthy for skin and it treat many such skin problems. From mild acne, clogged pores to tanned skin, wrinkles and dark spots, citric acid will help you in every way possible.

3. Lactic acid

You must have heard about Lactic acid, well it is beneficial for all of us because it helps to moisturise and acts as an ex-foliating agent. Lactic acid helps to get rid of all the dead cells on the surface of your skin and it certainly helps to boost stem cell. Much like Milk helps you in making your muscles similarly it helps in making your skin glow.

4. Glycolic acid

Most women are obsessed about skin care properties of this acid because this acid has the potential to lighten dark sports. Mostly found in sugar-cane, pineapple and sugar beets- Glycolic acid is a fabulous exfoliant. Those who have high oily t-zone, it is a boon for those ladies and has a superpower to dissolves dead skin without being too harsh or abrasive. Glycolic acid is even considered as a powerful ant-ageing ingredient and the good news is, it is safe for super sensitive skin too.

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