Abir-Rukmini ready to take holiday trip to ‘Switzerland’

They have done an ad three-and-a-half year ago and now a pair in Souvik Kundu’s new movie ‘Switzerland’. Well, we are talking about Abir Chatterjee and Rukmini Maitra (playing Shibu and Rumi, a married couple) the fresh pair in Tollywood industry. Speaking about the ‘interesting’ poster of ‘Switzerland’, it won’t be just a family’s trip to Switzerland.

Speaking about Rumi’s character, she represents the archetypical middle-class family, who respect their basic values and they are happy with whatever they have. Rukmini’s Rumi is an everyday girl-next-door but at the same time she is a teacher. She has got her morals and principals in place but at the same time emotionally driven. Though the director has not disclosed much about the content of the film, the poster suggests a family drama with a twist.

The poster gives a vibe of a trip to Switzerland that will change their life forever. Switzerland is due to be released this summer.

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