Abir Chatterjee wants you to stay away from ‘Arko’

Movie lovers are going gaga over the 1-minute 57-second trailer of Bornoporichoy. Director Mainka Bhowmick’s ‘Bornoporichoy’ features ace actors Abir Chatterjee and Jisshu Sengupta in the lead roles. 

Abir is playing the character of a cold-blooded murderer named Arko. In a special interview with Jiyo Bangla, Abir Chatterjee spilled some serious beans about ‘Bornoporichoy’.

  1. Was it a challenging role?
  • Playing Arko was really tough because he is an introvert. He is not a sane person, he is a criminal. With each and every crime he leaves clues which are related to the five elements of nature which are described in Rigveda. Creating Arko was more of a challenging task and I guess we delivered it. He is poles apart from Jisshu’s character Dhannajoy. You will find many monologues in this movie which I had to deliver keeping in mind to make it interesting and competitive. 
  1. Tell us about Sunil Rodriguez?
  • We all know Sunil Ji have worked with Bollywood biggies. Working with him was great, learned quite a few nooks.
  1. The title of the film ‘Bornoporichoy’ highlights two words; can you give us some hint? 
  • (Laughs) No way, I won’t say anything. Those two words highlighted in red are clues. The audience has to watch the movie to find out what the story of Arko. All I can say this story is a little bit twisted; the audience will get a few surprises for sure. If they love it we will succeed, if we fail we will try to rectify it. 

The film is set to hit the screen on July 26th. Till now two songs of the film have been released, not to mention this is the first time two on-screen Byomkesh Bakshi will portray the lead characters in a film.

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