A Tale Of Determination: 'One-Rupee School' Pioneered By Pulak Mandal From Kulatali

In the pursuit of education, some journeys are truly remarkable. Meet Pulak Mandal, a resident of Deulbari in Kulatali who, despite facing challenges after completing his high school, embarked on a unique mission to provide education to young children. He didn't let his circumstances deter him, and today; he is the founder of the "Swamiji Shishu Pathshala," locally known as the 'One-Rupee School.'

Pulak's educational journey took a turn after he passed high school in 2017. Despite his desire to attend college, financial constraints forced him into the world of odd jobs. However, Pulak's determination to make a difference led him to open a school in his village. He started the 'One-Rupee School,' where parents contribute just one rupee per day to support their children's education.


This unique school has been making a significant impact in the community. Pulak provides students with educational materials, including books and notebooks, and ensures they receive nutritious meals. Additionally, he takes the initiative to provide new school uniforms twice a year.

What sets the 'One-Rupee School' apart is its focus on helping primary to fourth-grade students from government schools. Pulak believes that by nurturing these young minds from the beginning, he can make a lasting impact on their education.

Pulak's dedication to education is truly inspiring. He personally collects one rupee from each student every day, amounting to 365 rupees annually per child. Remarkably, he doesn't pressure families who can't afford to contribute, ensuring that no child is left behind.

Despite facing health challenges recently, Pulak remains committed to his mission. He said to the media, "The school is surrounded by dreams, and many have rallied behind it. I want to continue supporting the education of these boys and girls with everyone's help."

Pulak Mandal's 'One-Rupee School' is not just an institution; it's a testament to the power of determination and the impact one person can have on their community's education. It serves as a shining example of how a single individual's dedication can light the path to a brighter future for others.

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