A Rooftop Sports Arena For A Game Of Football, Anyone?

Are you a budding Ronaldo or Messi? Then say hello to Sky Turf.

The rooftop of ‘Karnani Estate’ on AJC Bose Road is here to give you the vibe of a sports arena. If you thought rooftops are only for good roof-top restaurants and romantic views then you’re wrong!

Sky Turf is near Park Street and Theatre Road crossing and within a short span of time, it has created the right buzz. Yes, you heard us right! Just like a real arena, Sky Turf has FIFA- approved AstroTurf, bleachers, floodlights and much more. With no bar on age or gender, this place is ideal to practice your game, day or night.

Moreover, they will provide you with lockers and changing rooms along with kits for all games which are available in that arena. So, no bulky bags to worry or heavy kits to lug! Don’t worry you will find a nice café inside and they will provide you with healthy coffee, dry fruits, and juices and you can also host a tournament on the rooftop.

Time: 6 Am- 10 PM

Booking: Slots can be done over the phone or over the site.

Rate: Daytime- INR 2,400

Evening Time- INR 2,900

Address: Karnani Estates, 209, Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Road, Elgin, Kolkata

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