A fun-filled evening at IHM Kolkata

Last week on 14th February Kolkata’s one of leading private institutes, IHM or Institute of Hotel Management in collaboration with the India tourism celebrated the culture and ethnicity of one of the most vibrant parts of the country, of Gujarat. The fairs, festivals, clothes and everything is very lively and vivacious. Gujarat’s food is also very popular across the nation. This year IHM decided to celebrate the taste of Gujarat in their annual food festival. Under the guidance of the principal, Niseeth Srivastava, the students of IHM set up stalls of Gujarati cuisine including Gujarati snacks like dhokla, khakra, and others. The traditional Guajarati snacks although came with a modern twist. IHM titled their Gujarati themed food festival, ‘Ek Shaam Gujarat Ke Naam’, being the digital partner of this remarkable event Jiyo Bangla captured every moment of that evening. 

food (1)

The students held a dance drama depicting the Rasleela, along with a dandiya session and the crowd actively took part in it. Overall, the whole affair was very dynamic and the hospitality of the students really felt like we belonged there. In 2018, the theme of IHM’s annual food festival was Rajasthan, another dynamic state with a dynamic culture. The main aim behind this food festival was to promote ‘Unity in Diversity’. 


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