A fragrant Puja is waiting for Tollywood diva Tanusree Chakraborty

It is speculated that Tollywood actress Tanusree Chakraborty will be very busy in October arranging stuff for her home Pujo at Basirhat. Currently, the gorgeous actress is too busy organizing her Puja wardrobe in place.

The beautiful actress revealed with a smile that festival at their home starts from Mahalaya. It is customary for them to wear new clothes that day and visit their ancestral home where the idol is getting ready at the moment. Starting from decorating the pandal to serving bhog, her cousins and she does everything in a group. She asserted that her Puja shopping is incomplete without her cousins. She disclosed that from lipsticks to saris, they purchase all new items for Puja.

Tanusree has bought a superb south silk this year, which she has got from Chennai. The actress plans to wear it for sandhya arati on Nabami. She has also bought new kasar bason for Ma Durga this time.

The pretty damsel informed that her Dida had got a beautiful sari that was torn but the border was marvelous. So, she picked the border out and got it stitched on plain red chiffon. If we can trust her, it looked brilliant. She plans to wear it for the Asthami dinner, which is an age-old tradition at her place.

Very few people know that Tanusree can survive without food but not without perfumes. She admitted that she is addicted to men's perfumes and she spends fortunes on it. Don’t you think that the dressing game has commenced due to this beautiful lady?

The actress claimed that she hides all her new westernwear in her wardrobe to avoid her mother’s wrath. She doesn't like her wearing anything other than saris during Puja. Her mother loves to see her in this traditional get-up. She bought the sari when she was in Chennai for a shoot. At present, her sisters are after it.

Tanusree expressed that she loves red nail polish as well as lipstick. She has 10 red nail paints but still she couldn't resist another one. She added that she looks splendid in a red sari.

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