A Break from the Same Old

The spots for the most familiar hangout places in Kolkata have been bagged by South City, Quest Mall, and Acropolis. But, instead of roaming around and getting tired of these same glitzy but old spots, there ARE places in Kolkata where you can have fun, get a whiff of the city air and also get good Instagram pictures.

Trams and charms11

If you are a person, who likes to have some nice artistic pleasures, a tram ride is the one you can opt for. Hop into one of them, get a packet of badam bhaja or jhaal muri and look around the city and the people.  Get a feel of the versatility and beauty of the city.

Iconic Victoria Memorial12

The monument made up of marble defines Kolkata in the international scenario. Although it is the likely the most visited place in the city, its aura never fades away. A walk on the pebble-scattered path, a horse carriage ride and a glimpse at the work of architecture is never boring. As for Instagram aesthetic-loving people, this is a perfect spot to strike some good poses.

Chaa paan and Nandan13

Nandan is definitely a place to hang out with friends or drool over philosophical thoughts alone. Peek inside the Bangla Academy or the Rabindra Sadan and sit and enjoy the poems, drama, and music. Or, wander around aimlessly, you will surely meet like-minded and interesting people,  to gossip and drink tea with.

Lovebirds and Rabindra Sarobar lake


Want to spend some quality time with your better half? What better place than a lake, chirruping birds overhead, a nice wind and scattered greens? It is actually as romantic as it sounds.


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